About Us

Bharatnatyam is one of the oldest and richest dance forms of Tamilnadu, has mythological as well as historical values and to main tain these values Nrityam Nartan Academy was established by Mrs. Urjita Kinariwala at the year of 1986 at KRIBHCO STAFF CLUB, SURAT. Then expanded their branches at Ramsha Tower, Adajan Patiya and Sai Square Complex, Honey Park Road, Surat too. It is one of the most well-known dance academies of Surat. More than 1000 disciples of age 6-35 are getting knowledge of BHARATNATYAM under the roof of Nrityam Nartan Academy. The academic course is not limited upto only Bharatnatyam, rather it also includes various Folk Dances of India like :
Raas-Garba, Daangi, Tippani, Holi , Ghumar, Bihu, Baambu, Kolattam, Roff

Mrs. Urjita Kinariwala is not only a Dancer , but she is involved with theatre also. So, she persist on expressions.
Bharatnatyam itself means:

  • Bha- Bhaav
  • Ra- Raag
  • Ta- Taal

These three elements are being grasped simply by their students. Nrityam Nartan Academy has worked on many nritya natikas like:
Jai Somnath, Meera, Krishna-leela, Jai Ganesha, Dhabu Maa ni Dhingli, Kabuliwala, Cindrella, Jai Jai Shrinathji, Preet Bani Padchhayo, Bramhand Ma Kala

Students of Nrityam Nartan Academy perform Bharatnatyam , folk dance and nritya natikas at national as well as international events.
Soul :

  • To save our traditional art.
  • To maintain physical and mental fitness.
  • To get divine power and get closer to God.
  • To develop mesmeric personality.