I have become Visharad form NRITYAM NARTAN ACADEMY. As my concern NRITYAM NARTAN ACADEMY is the best place to learn dancing not only bharatnatyam but also other classical songs and loknritya as well. Mrs. Urjita Kinariwala ma\'m not teaching the dance ONLY, but also take care of their dancing girls to improve in dancing as well as improve their knowledge about other aspects of life also. NRITYAM NARTAN ACADEMY is the first AC dance class in surat. Here girls feel home like weather. may be teacher is knowing more about the girls than their parents. She is very good teacher and a human being as well. We have done so many stage programms in surat, in gujrat, other states even other countrie also. and not only performed well but we were appreciated very well from all those people and this is just because of our ma\'m. We all Love you ma\'m.bkj

Krutika Parekh

Actually Didi I m very confused what to say...There are no words to explanation but still I want to tell u that..U r the oxford dictionary of dance... nd ur academy is the way from that every girl can learn dance so easily and even i m very happy to learn dancing from you... I hope that ur academy will grow more and more wider....

Shivangi Sawant

1st of all hi Urjita didi.. .. this Testimonial for u didi and Nrityam nartan academy.. I heartly thanking you didi for giving me such a nice and power full guidance for the classical dance. Just because of your great effort for us not even only me but we all proudly standing as a " Bharat natyam dancer. " you teaches us so many nice things about dance as well as life too. so at last i again thanking you so much didi and also feeling proud to be our great dancer teacher. . and we all wishing that this academy will grow more n more..........Thank you.

Zalak Purohit

No words to discribe what u r who u r...just outstanding ..i am really glad to say this ...whatever i m today in this field is just beacuse of u mam...u r the inspirations for all the girls who really want to learn dance....i have never seen a lagend lady like u...thank u so much mam to teach me dance and many more...hope u will get more sucess and reach the top of the world...thank u ...

Pooja Patel

Hello mam....i feel really proud to be part of ur beautiful jorney...i have learnt a lot..from you and today i can say that bcoz of ur efforts and my hardwork i have completed my visharad and i hope with ur help i will persue more n more in dance...thanks a lot mam...may god bless u with lots of happiness and sucess in life.

Tanya Sharma

when I was 3, I met my Guru, my guide and learnt to express the deepest human emotions as I was introduced to the timeless art of dance form! Not only this amazing journey changed me as a person but also ignited a passion for life as I tried to pass on this emotion to others. My heartiest gratitude to my teacher, my guide for imparting this art in me! Thank you!

Shreeja Jatin Desai

Nritya Nartan Academy was not born when I met my guru/friend/philosopher and guide. Even I was also not born as a dancer, they say that - "when you are kid, you don't understand - whether you don't like the art or the teacher." Same thing happened with me before I met my guru Mrs. Urijita Kinariwala, she is the only reason I started loving this art form. Before I met her, I tried to dance couple of times but no one noticed and as everyone knows that even great dancers also don't enjoy dancing, if they don't get attention. I also started feeling that I am not a good dancer and I should not continue dancing but the 1st day of my call with her and the 1st comment she gave in front of everyone, which changed my opinion about my dancing. I can never forget - she asked me to come front and told everyone to see - how nicely I am sitting in "Aramandi". Maybe very small thing for others, but no one can understand how important that comment was for me at the age of nine. From that day, I don't know why but I felt very strong bond of emotions with her. She was not only teaching us how to dance, but also how to handle difficult situation in life. I don't know when she became my friend more than my teacher and now at the age of age 34, I realize how difficult it is to become a friend of 9-10 year old kid and then maintain it till now. Right now I relocated to Bangalore and because of her encouragement - I am able to continue my dance and doing my B.A. in Dance and Choreography. Today I know, Nritya Nartan Academy is a big name and Mr. Urjita Kinariwala is also big name in the field of dance but still she is same with me. I can call here any time when I need and she is always there to guide me. I always feel proud of being her student as everyone is not lucky enough to find friend/guide/guru in one person.


It was great learning from you didi. From very first day you try to clear basics in dance which is very important later. Great teaching techniques. Hope you go on getting more and more success that what you deserve.

Reena Desai